How To Create Music

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Login and click the Studio icon in the menu bar.


Click New Song to create a new song.


Getting to know the Studio

The green line: Like the game, is an indicator as to when a note will play.
Thumb Bar: Shows where you currently are in a song. By dragging the thumb bar, you can reposition where you currently are in a song.
Trash: Used delete notes. Simply drag a single note or a set of selected notes to the trash to remove the notes.
Stop: Stops the music or recording from playing.
Play: Plays your song starting from the current thumb location.
Record: Records new notes into your song, while playing anything currently recorded.
Save: Brings up the Save Dialog to save your song.
Options: Allows you to turn off the Metronome and change the Beats Per Minute (speed) and the Beats Per Measure of your song.
Delete: Deletes your current song. There is no recovery mechanisms when a song is deleted!
Cut, Copy, Paste: Used to do the appropriate action to a note or set of notes.
Untitled Track pull down menu: Used to select what track you currently want to work on. This is needed when you have multiple instruments in a song.
Concert Piano pull down menu: Used to change what instrument is currently used.
Repeat checkbox: When checked, this option will continue to repeat this entire track over and over when play or record button is pressed. Repeat is aligned to the nearest measure. You can have several tracks repeat with different instruments to create a nice beat.

The blue area is the area before the song can begin. You can practice playing notes, even when in record mode, so long as the green line is in the blue area. Once the green line has moved passed blue area, notes will record. Give it a try, click Record and play some notes in the blue area. Continue playing notes as the blue area drifts to the left. Your notes will start appearing on the screen once the blue area comes to pass. Notice that when you hold the key down for a long time, the note's tail increases in size. Click the Stop button to end your recording.

If you hold down the < or > and then press a key, a chord is played/recorded rather than a note. By holding down < and pressing a key, a minor chord is created. By holding down > and pressing a key, a major chord is created.

Rewind & Play
Drag the thumb bar back to the beginning of the song to play your new song. Click the Play button to listen to your recorded notes.

Making a Selection


Move your cursor to the region of notes you want to select, it should appear as a + sign. Click and hold the mouse button down to select a set of notes. Release the mouse button.

Moving your selection

Click and hold your mouse button down on one of the notes in the selection. Move it up and down and left and right to see how easy it is to move the selection.

Cut & Copy

The buttons work just like in a word processor to cut/copy the selected notes.

Move the thumb bar to where the first note should be played and click Paste. All the notes that were cut/copied will be pasted.

Note: If you attempt to paste notes over existing notes with the same values, your paste operation will not complete.

Creating a new Track
Creating a new track allows you to have multiple instruments in your song.

Pull down the Untitled Track menu and select Create Track.

You will notice that the notes disappear from your previous track. They are still there, you're just recording a new instrument.

Pull down the Concert Piano menu and select another instrument. Give it a few seconds to load and then tap some keys on your keyboard to hear the new instrument.

Record as necessary.